Delivering All Your Water Needs

At Highlands Water Cartage our objective is to deliver safe and reliable drinking water to all our customers throughout NSW.

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Delivery of drinking water

We only deliver safe drinking water from potable sources, either municipal or spring water. Our tanks are checked and maintained in keeping with NSW Health Guidelines.


We can deliver flexible quantities to any location with our large purpose built semi-trailer bulk water tankers.

Civil & Mining

As a specialist contractor to a variety of civil engineering and resource companies we are uniquely setup to provide an array of dust suppression and bulk water haulage tasks.

Agricultural Transport

We deliver drinking water for livestock in drought-affected areas. We also have a variety of cattle and sheep crates used for livestock logistics.

24hr Service

We facilitate enquires 24 hours a day so that you don’t have to worry about running out of water for your family and or your animals.

Highlands Water Cartage - Water For Rural Farms
Highlands Water Cartage - Bulk Water Tanker


Our large 35,000l bulk tankers allow you to get practical volumes of potable water in just one delivery.

Highlands Water Cartage - Country Water Tanker

Speciality Water Tankers

With purpose built water tankers for domestic and civil jobs we ensure the delivery of the most practical outcome. Whether its clean safe drinking water or recycled water for civil we have got it covered.

Highlands Water Cartage - Water Delivered

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All our site appraisals are free. We also have fast easy payment options including Apple Pay and Pay wave.

We are based in the Southern Highlands and service ALL of NSW.