Liquid & Chemical Transport

Now operating Australia wide we can transport and dispose of liquids with our fit for purpose Semi and B double bulk tankers. We handle a wide variety of liquids from non-potable waste water right through to dangerous and corrosive liquids.

Waste Water

Non-potable waste water transport is our specialty. We can move high volumes of water day and night in urban and rural areas to suit your unique project needs. We can also assist with storage solutions and re-purposing and treatment of recycled water.
Non-potable water Canberra and Goulburn
corrosive liquids tanker Canberra and Goulburn

Dangerous & Corrosive Liquids

We have specialty tankers with dangerous goods vehicle and operator licenses that enable to transport a multitude of hazardous liquids. We utilize the latest composite ‘omni tanker’ sealed separated compartments to comply with maximum allowable small compartment tank volume based on Australian standards.

On Site Liquid Storage

Our tankers can be utilized as a static supply. This is ideal for tank cleaning and inspection purposes. Your fluids can be stored on-site as long as required and pumped back into holding tanks when maintenance is complete.

Mine, Quarry & Tunnel Dewatering

We help manage groundwater in tunnelling and mining operations to ensure a safe and productive operation. We can engineer and build pumping systems to rapidly dewater open and underground work environments. To help achieve this we have partnered with TruFlow Pumping Systems to provide the most versatile and reliable pumping equipment available on the market.

We can then treat the water, facilitate onsite storage or transport it in large quantities day and night with our fleet of B Double road tankers. Our current operational capacity can support 2 Mega liters per 24hrs buy road transport, of which can be scaled accordingly to your requirements.
civil mining Canberra and Goulburn
Ground water Canberra and Goulburn

Fit For Purpose Road Tankers

From non-potable waste water right through to dangerous and corrosive liquids we can handle it all in our fit for purpose road tankers.