Firefighting Support Operations

Bulk Water for Fire Appliances

We work alongside state combat agencies to deliver B Double and Semi-Trailer water tanker configurations to transfer and supply critical water for firefighting operations. 

We work intimately with NSW Rural Fire Service, Fire & Rescue and National Parks & Wildlife as well as ACT Emergency Services agency ensuring they can protect the irreplaceable.

Our aim is to enhance the capability of these agencies in times of bushfire emergencies, when all available resources are stretched to their limit.

Temporary Static Water Supply

With the capability to deploy on short notice, we can mobilise our b-double, semi or rigid bulk water tankers to fire grounds all around the state. Upon arrival we can evolve to a variety of missions sets including standby static water supply and truck filling or operate in a more mobile capacity, getting water out to appliances on the fire ground that may be separated from mains water supply.

Our field operations team can also setup portable dams in remote locations for static water supply in support of ground crew or water bombing helicopters.

Aviation Retardant Refueling

Working together with ACT emergency services agency, we have developed a new strategy for fast filling more water bombing aircraft at any one time, wherever the location.

To perform this task we use specialist B-Double tankers with high volume transfer pumps and aviation specific retractable hoses.

We can fill two aircraft at a time, per truck, remote of the mixing Plant. This highly flexible solution equates to more fire fighting agent on the fire for the same aircraft operating cost and run time.

Mobile Retardant Batch Plant

We can now support remote aerial bombing aircraft through the establishment of a self-sufficient mixing plant and airfield filling tenders. This means agencies can base air ops from airfields close to the fire grounds and deliver highly effective aerial firefighting at inland locations where large airport facilities are not available. 

Fire Break & Trail Earthworks​

Combining our skillsets in fire and civil excavations we are able to establish and maintain fire tracks, trails and breaks. We undergo this work day and night and in close proximity to active fire. We have the ability to be self sufficient on the fire ground as we can use our own water tankers and fire appliances, with qualified firefighters, to provide asset protection and first aid.

We have a diverse fleet of equipment including but not limited to, compact track loaders (with mulching heads), excavators, graders and bulldozers. Details of our available equipment can be accessed by the NSW Heavy Plant Register or by contacting us directly.